[Case-study] Online Success Story: How we ran a successful awareness campaign

In order to easily manage orders by decreasing queuing time at peak moments in the weekends and, as a result, to grow his business, baker Lietaert asked Baldwin to build and market a new webshop for its local bakery. After the go-live of the new, future-proofed webshop, the marketing team had a mission: to grow traffic and conversions.

➡️ Let’s see how our marketing efforts turned into a total success.

Awareness campaign (month 1)

After the webshop was launched, our marketers designed an awareness campaign to build valuable traffic and to inform (potential) clients about how they could benefit from the webshop (never wait in line again!). The advertising strategy included two phases: the first one was an awareness campaign on Facebook, the second phase was an awareness/consideration campaign on Google Search.

Facebook adsFacebook Awareness campaign Lietaert bakery

The strategy for the Facebook awareness campaign was to first reach a broad audience and then retarget people who clicked through and visited the webshop (remarketing).

We created a campaign targeting everybody living in a range of 3 km around the bakery and restricted the ad appearance to Wednesday-Friday because we noticed most people order in the second half of the week to pick-up the order during the weekend.

Once the number of webshop visitors was large enough, we started a remarketing campaign using a product feed to show personalized ads with products a visitor showed interest in, during his previous visits. The conversion value and cost per purchase of the remarketing campaign were respectively higher and lower than the first awareness campaign thanks to the relevancy of the ads and the specific targeting.

Google Ads

The second phase of our advertising efforts focused on Google Search. Our goal was to reach an audience who was actively searching for a bakery or patisserie in the neighborhood. We created three campaigns containing each two or three ad groups to make sure the ads were relevant and qualitative. By optimizing the campaigns and restricting it to 10 km around the bakery, we could keep the CPC low and still reach a broad audience looking for delicious cakes and fresh croissants near them.

The marketers noticed the high amount of searches for bakeries and bakery products near them. Keywords such as ‘order doughnuts’, ‘buy pancakes at bakery’, or ‘where to buy sunflower seed bread’ are popular searches. Lietaert is the only bakery in the neighborhood with an online shop, so people searching for these keywords, easily found the webshop of Lietaert thanks to the Search Ads.

The popularity of searches for diet products such as gluten-free and low carbohydrate bread is also remarkable. People with a specific diet or allergy don’t always know where they can find products that fit their diet. By providing this information on the webshop, Lietaert reached a specific group that was longing for more product information online.

We discovered that only a few bakeries in Belgium own a webshop. This means that the most popular keywords in Google Ads are still available for a low price and Lietaert’s ads consistently appear first on the search results, without having to spend a lot of money. Local businesses are growing momentum in the online shopping world. We sincerely believe local businesses can profit a lot from online appearance. Read why in this article. 

Once the campaigns went live, traffic grew with 363% and the number of transactions went up with 327%. The main goal of the campaigns was to build valuable traffic – so we can proudly say the ad campaigns were very successful!

Traffic Lietaert
Traffic growth thanks to the awareness campaign

After the awareness campaign (month 2)

The awareness campaign finished after one month. Even though traffic dropped some, the number of visitors kept being stable and even more valuable than ever before. The high percentage of returning visitors (22%) and a high e-commerce rate (18,7%) means we reached the right audience.

➡️ Returning visitors are very valuable clients, as the extraordinary e-commerce rate proves.

They cost nothing and convert well because they trust the shop and are happy with the experience. That’s what made this awareness campaign a huge success. After the successful awareness campaign, we will keep testing new audiences to grow the shop even more.


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