A day @Baldwin Romania Through the Eyes of a Marketer

The diversity of roles that comprise the marketing job description is so varied, that it’s almost impossible to illustrate a “typical” day at the office.

Yet, there are some commonalities that all the employees from our marketing department share: the preoccupation of gathering accurate data, the passion for good copy, the emotion of a website going live, and the optimism that whatever problem we’ll face, we’ll handle it like a pro.

If you’re interested in a career at Baldwin, we bet you are curious how a day at the office looks like. Wait no more. Put on your glasses, grab your drink and dive into the “Baldwinverse”.

A regular day at the office

One thing you should know about us: some of us are working better at the beginning of the day and some of us are not what we call a morning person. Since we enjoy diversity here, our flexible program allows us to come to work whenever we want, between 7 am and 11 am.

Ok, but first, coffee

I prefer coming to the office from 8:30 a.m. – 9 a.m. What’s my motto? Any productive day begins with a coffee. We usually enjoy it outside with other colleagues, while having different conversations: from work-related topics to the books we read or funny things we made. Yes, our team is smart and witty, so we know how to take and make a joke.

Traffic & campaigns check-ups

I start my working day by checking the Analytics accounts, the Google AdWords & Facebook campaigns. You know what they say: never put up with something high MAINTENANCE, unless it’s high PERFORMANCE.  

Each day at 11 a.m., no matter how busy we are, we gather together for the daily stand up meeting. It helps us set the context for the coming day’s work. During this short meeting, we talk about what we worked the day before, blockers, and we establish the tasks for the working day.

Failing to plan

I know, right??

Back to work

When everything is clear and smoothly planned, the work is flawless. Thanks to the variety of tasks we work on no day look like another. No matter if we’re working on the digital strategy for a new client, we are creating some ads campaigns, we are writing copy for a webshop or we are calculated ROAS or ROI, there’s always a cool vibe in the office.

For instance, today, after the daily stand-up, I worked for almost 3 hours on creating a new Search Ads campaign for one of our clients. Real estate advertising tends to be competitive, but some good landing pages and a perfect set-up campaign can do miracles. I did my research on keywords, I calculated the budgets, I created some appealing copy and I worked on the settings in order to deliver high-performance.

Lunching with my colleagues

At Baldwin, lunching together is a must. Breaking away from our desks and sitting together to eat as a family is always a great idea. It’s what we need in order to feel fresh, focused and full of energy.

We even had a photoshoot session with the marketing team. Here’s the behind the scene video.

Back to work – again

I worked on a newsletter and I managed to set up an automation campaign for one of our clients. Now, I am writing this blog post in order to let you know how working at Baldwin is like; from a marketer’s perspective, of course. It’s almost 5:30 pm and I must admit I crave chocolate. While no one had chocolate at the office, I found an ice-cream in the freezer. After a 5 minutes break, I can say it out loud: I consider myself happy. I plan to reply to some emails and I will call it a day.

If work/life balance is important for you, don’t worry. Here, at Baldwin, we definitely make it work!

Until next time!

Digital Marketer @Baldwin

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