A Day at Baldwin Belgium through the eyes of a Marketing Intern

A day at Baldwin is like a day at the zoo: every day I get to discover new things and learn about them!

As a marketing intern, I was excited to work with a team I didn’t know yet and learn about marketing in the real world. The Baldwin team is an optimistic, warm and patient team of people who are always ready to help and take the time to teach.

Curious about what a normal day at the office looks like for me? Get ready for a day in the life of a Baldwin marketing intern.

A Day at Baldwin as a Marketing Intern

When I arrive at the office around 9.30 am, it is already quite busy. I open my mailbox, get some coffee and talk with my colleagues.

Did you know we are an international team with Belgian and Romanian Baldwinners? Every day at 10 am, the whole marketing team in Belgium and Romania takes the time to sit together and tell about what we worked on the day before and what we planned for today. We share funny gifs and anecdotes, ask questions and report issues.

After the daily meeting, it’s time to work! I start with a Facebook campaign for a client. I design relevant personas, choose pictures for the carousel ads and add content. After this creative task, it’s time for something more technical. Google Analytics is a wonderful tool to track how visitors behave on a website and interact with ads. But it is important to first configure the tool in order to get all the relevant and correct data needed. I exclude IP addresses, create audiences and goals, implement cross-domain tracking and set the rest of the Google Analytics account of a new client on point! I really love the variety of my tasks!

Marketing intern at Baldwin e-commerce agency

At noon, the Baldwinners all lunch together at a big table. We enjoy our sandwiches and talk about our hobbies, passions, about funny jokes we heard and cool movies we saw. The lunch break is a moment we don’t think about work and have fun!

After lunch, I grab an apple from the fruit basket and go back to my desk. When I start working on a new Google Ads search campaign for design furniture, I’m having some trouble designing the campaign structure. So I ask my team members if they could lend me a helping hand. That’s, of course, no problem! We work out the structure together and they explain patiently what my next steps should be. I really have the feeling I can ask them everything and that I am acquiring more and more marketing experience every day! This is so cool!

I continue my work, researching keywords for design furniture when I suddenly notice I have been sitting the whole day. Time to put my chair aside and turn my desk into a standing desk!

This has been a great day! I learned a lot, had lots of fun and good conversations. On my way home, I feel fully satisfied!


Digital Marketing Intern at Baldwin

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