Baldwin Teambuilding 2018

Just after the New Year holidays, the Baldwin team went on an epic team-building trip. The result – great team spirit and a ton of awesome memories. Read more about our experiences and take a look at the after the movie to get a sneak peek into our world.

Two Baldwin offices – One teambuilding

It’s 5 o’clock on a cold Friday morning in January, and the Belgian team gathers at the Baldwin office to leave towards the airport. The air is cold but the vibe is lit!
We are stoked to meet everyone from the Romanian team which will be traveling by bus from Cluj-Napoca. We are all traveling towards one secret location in the Romanian mountains near Sibiel.

As soon as we arrived in the cozy snow-covered hotel we were welcomed by all our Romanian colleagues who had already arrived. After many handshakes and kisses, our chattering was disturbed by someone we haven’t seen before. Our CEO had hired an external teambuilding company and they created a packed program for us for the next days.

The activities started already tonight with a meet-and-greet game where we had to gather information from all different colleagues. We had to find out who walked the longest distance, who has a dog at home, who was vegetarian, which person doesn’t like pizza (Say what?!?), and so many more questions. A great way to get to break the ice and really get to know each other. These topics were definitely a conversation starter for the days to come.

Good morning

After an enormous breakfast, we started the day with an energetic morning wake-up activity. It’s difficult to explain, but basically we ran around in circles and couldn’t stop laughing 🙂

Now it was time to see how we work together in different teams. Stacking blocks as a group was a challenge in terms of coordination and communication. The A-Frame walk was about good preparation and clear instructions. And then we had a speed and agility challenge with tennis balls. Check out our teambuilding after-movie to get a better view on the activities we did.

Lost in Transylvania

After lunch, it was time for the main activity of the weekend which was called “lost in Transylvania”.
We had to split up in different task forces and we would all work on different challenges that would help us escape the woods after we get lost during a hike. Some of us needed to build rockets, others were creating the perfect sled to travel across the snowy forest roads.

After our preparations, we had to put our creations to the test and we started walking and sledding to a certain spot in the woods. Of course, this was a competition, so we were all working hard to beat the other teams.

Once arrived we passed by torches which marked the finish line. Now it was time for part two of the team challenge – fire a rescue signal. Different water bottles pimped with aluminum foil and paint were filled with a secret mixture which built-up pressure. The one that flew the highest up in the sky would win. Let’s say that not all of them flew in the right upward direction. Again an activity where mostly our laughing muscles were trained.

We closed down the afternoon session with a massive snowball fight and some more sledding. Luckily we could warm our cold hands on the fireplace in the hotel.

Baldwin Teambuilding 2018


After our evening dinner with an abundance of desserts, we started with a by now legendary talent discovering karaoke party. From Toto to Limp Bizkit, Taylor Swift and MC Hammer, The Spice Girls and Oasis. No music style was spared by our brilliant team of “volunteering” singers.

A perfect closing activity of this empowering teambuilding.


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