Insights in changed online shopping behaviour – A year of COVID-19 pandemic

One year ago, the first Corona lockdown was announced. Happy birthday Corona, thanks for acting like a sticky ex-boyfriend we can’t get rid of. Isn’t it time for you to accept that nobody wants you? In the (extremely long) year of the COVID-19 pandemic, online shopping behaviour changed accelerated. In this blog, you’ll find more information and facts about the changes in customer preferences.

Closure non-essential stores

In a previous blog, we already discussed why now is the time to start a webshop. The lockdown had a significant impact on online shopping. If someone wanted to buy a non-essential product, they had no other choice than to do it online. In addition, the older generations jumped on the bandwagon. This due to the fact that they are more likely to be at risk from the virus.

e-commerce tips

Changed online shopping behaviour and preferences

#1 Customer’s spending

More than half of the consumers shop online more frequently than they did before the pandemic. This even when non-essential stores are open again. Thanks to the study of Magento Commerce, we now have a clearer understanding of which factors customers look for in a webshop. The most important driver for spending more is a webshop that offers a loyalty program. Customers especially value strong loyalty programmes with exclusive discounts. Furthermore, a visually appealing website encourages customers to spend more. Finally, showing products based on customers personal data and shopping history influences the spending. Customers appreciate a personalized experience.

#2 Important webshop attributes

An important element to consider when designing a website is the pricing. 66% of the global customers stated that easy to find and understand pricing is what they look for. In addition, 63% highlights the importance of clearly displayed discounts. Lastly, the study showed that accurate product descriptions are a necessary factor when developing a webshop. Customers are looking for clear information that tells them exactly what they need to know. Other factors include high quality product images and clearly laid out pages.

#3 Stand out experiences

Create a stand out online experience by avoiding unnecessary distractions and noises. Shopping at a webshop with adverts or third party interruptions distracts and annoys customers. In addition, you should only show relevant products and offers. Another way to stand out is with improved user experience (UX). The website should guide customers on what to do next, in every step of the process. Read our blog with tips for a better user experience for more information. In addition, including a live chat can be important. Customers like to be able to speak to a real person immediately. In fact, 70% of customers will leave your webshop if they can’t find products quickly. Concluding convenience is one of the most important factors to keep your customer satisfied.

#4 Online and channel-independent purchases

Consumers prefer a seamless brand experience on any platform, at any time. They expect to buy their products in the easiest and most efficient way. Therefore, there should be a close integration between your website, e-commerce webshop, social media and offline stores. An example of an omnichannel trend to look out for in 2021 is the shoppable video. Customers can directly buy the products they see on their Instagram screen. Furthermore, video is beginning to play a bigger role in online shopping behaviour. Using video to sell is certainly something to consider this year.

#5 Environmental factors

It became clear a long time ago that sustainability isn’t just a trend, but it is here to stay. Because of the pandemic, the strikes may have stopped for a while. Nevertheless, people still care and this is also visible in their shopping habits. Around half of the customers consider paying more for a company that is environmentally friendly. This highlights the importance of showing what your company really stands for. You can become a transparent company with Contributio. This company passport is a widget that shows your company values and hard earned certificates.

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