[eBook] The Best Cross Border eCommerce Strategy for Expanding Companies

Understanding cross border eCommerce 

Cross-border eCommerce is the online selling of goods to consumers (B2B and B2C) across different countries and continents. That sounds simple, but as you might already know, there is more to it.

What to think about when you want to sell cross border

There are things to consider such as local taxes, import taxes, shipping regulations, different payment options, etc.

In order to succeed you will need to have a solid strategy. But ask yourself first if you have the in-house expertise to understand these new markets you are expanding to. 

crossborder approach


Often you can’t just copy-paste what you already have and only translate the content. You really need to know and understand how your potential new customers like to shop and pay. 

You will have to change the rules when going cross border and also review the technologies you are currently using. Your Cross Border eCommerce project should start with some in-depth research. Here is a list of topics to investigate:


  • Are your products in demand in foreign markets?
  • Which eCommerce platforms is your potential customer already using in his country? What are they used to? Are there noticeable differences with your platform?
  • Are you able to ship towards a specific country?
  • Will the shipping costs increase for customers in other countries? And how much?
  • Which shipment and delivery methods can your platform support?
  • How do your customers want to pay?
  • Do they use a different paying platform for mobile payments?
  • Can you provide product information in multiple languages with your current eCommerce platform?
  • Who are your competitors in these foreign markets?
  • Can you comply with regional and local tax regulations?

We have prepared a checklist for you to download, in order to begin the cross border approach much easier and faster! 

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