7 tips for a successful e-commerce strategy

In this post, we give you seven simple but hard rules for a successful e-commerce strategy.

  1. Prepare a critical business plan before thinking about how to use the internet to perform the plan. Even though your internet strategy will be the grand theme of your business plan, use this order.
  2. Discuss your ideas with people who are in your industry, but also with people from outside your business. Take time to listen to them en process their valuable tips in your business plan
  3. Keep asking what it is exactly that distinguishes your product from your competitor and what it is that makes it so valuable. Not only when you write your business plan, but even when your webshop is online.
  4. Take enough time to write out your business plan. Time to think helps you create a clearer idea and to structure your thoughts.
  5. Apply the accounting principle: estimate possible gain as low as possible and possible expenses as high as possible
  6. Always prepare a plan B and/or C. In that way, you never get surprised and you are prepared when needed.
  7. Keep updating your business plan. Your basic thoughts can shift, the market is changing, etc. It is only logical to make sure your plans evolve with it.

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