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Over the past few years, the Magento ecosystem has undergone significant advancements, including the availability of numerous themes that improve webshop performance and user experience. The Hyvä theme for Magento 2 has become a leading contender in this regard, transforming the way online stores are built and managed.

In this article, we’ll delve into the importance of the Hyvä theme for webshops currently built with Luma or other themes, its market penetration, and case studies to highlight its impact on businesses worldwide.

The Hyvä Theme for Magento 2: A Breath of Fresh Air

The Hyvä theme is a revolutionary front-end solution for Magento 2 webshops that simplifies the development process and provides a sleek, high-performance user interface. It is built on the Tailwind CSS framework and it offers an optimized coding structure. Therefore, it’s lightweight and faster than its counterparts, including the default Luma theme.

As a result, the Hyvä theme leads to enhanced website performance, improved SEO, and a better overall user experience.

The Importance of Hyvä Theme for Luma and Other Themes

Performance Optimization

The Hyvä theme focuses on performance optimization, which is crucial for eCommerce businesses as it directly affects conversion rates and customer satisfaction. By implementing lean JavaScript and minimal use of the default Magento UI components, Hyvä ensures better page load times and efficient rendering of content. This is particularly beneficial for webshops built on Luma or other themes that might be experiencing performance issues.

Mobile-First Approach

With the majority of online shoppers now using mobile devices, adopting a mobile-first approach is essential for eCommerce success. The Hyvä theme offers mobile-optimized navigation, responsive designs, and smooth interactions, ensuring a seamless experience for users across different devices.


The Hyvä theme is built on a modern stack, making it easier for developers to work with. Tailwind CSS provides a utility-first approach, allowing developers to customize the theme quickly and efficiently. This saves both time and resources when compared to modifying the Luma theme or other legacy Magento themes.

Reduced Time to Market

The Hyvä theme simplifies the development process, allowing webshops to reduce their time to market. This is particularly important for businesses seeking to launch new products, promotional campaigns, or seasonal sales in a timely manner.

Market Penetration

Since its launch, the Hyvä theme has rapidly gained traction within the Magento ecosystem. As of September 2021, over 300 Magento 2 stores have adopted the Hyvä theme, and the number continues to grow. With its many advantages over traditional themes like Luma, Hyvä has quickly become a preferred choice for eCommerce businesses looking to optimize their webshops.

The Hyvä theme for Magento 2 is a game-changer in the world of eCommerce, offering a modern, high-performance solution for webshops built on Luma or other themes.

The Hyvä theme @Baldwin

We’re such strong believers in this solution, that our product “Lochting” runs more than 200 shops on Hyva. Here are a few of them:

If you’re considering switching to Hyva, do keep in mind that the market is not very abundant of compatible modules, so you’d need to drop some you’re currently using or replace them with similar ones from here:

Also, the entire storefront of your webshop needs to be rewritten so you might want to weigh in the aforementioned benefits vs the budget plans.

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