Our boys about Meet Magento Romania

Exciting times for our #Baldwinners. They attended Meet Magento Romania, one of the leading Magento events that provide access to the whole eCommerce community. Since at Baldwin we love to share experiences, we want to make sure we share our story with other Magento enthusiasts, like you. 

What did you expect from Meet Magento Romania 2018?

2018 is an important year for Magento. They have exciting news such as Magento 2.3 and Adobe acquisition. So, our expectations were:

  • To hear a lot of new information about Magento 2.3
  • To see at least one demo with the new features
  • To make new connections
  • To attend some great talks that keep us interested and focused

Which session impressed you the most? Share with us an inspirational idea discussed at the conference.

The coolest talk was “Oh my God everything is on fire” by Andrew Howden. It was a very engaging, intense and funny talk about the crisis management in a company: what to do when a client’s site is attacked, what are the steps to follow, what people to delegate and how to be sure it will never happen again. A-MA-ZING!

Did this conference bring value to your professional life? Would you recommend it to another Magento enthusiast?

From the perspective of networking with other Magento enthusiasts, it was a great event. If you consider the value of the information received at the conference, I must admit I expected more. In the form the conference is right now, I would recommend it mostly to newcomers. Experienced developers don’t get the same amount of new information as them.

What content did you expect to receive, and you didn’t?

Since Magento 2.3 is the topic of the year, I expected more fresh information, demos, and inputs on this.

Do you have any news regarding Magento 2.3? Which will be the key improvements brought by this version?

  • Magento 2.3 will focus on bringing the faster user experience to Magento sites
  • It will implement the newest technologies for frontend developers using PWA (progressive web app)
  • GraphQL – a query language for using API’s that will make things easier and more customizable
  • Declarative database schema
  • Multi-source inventory
  • Possibility to add Page builder module even in the community edition
  • Elastic search

Adobe completed the acquisition of Magento Commerce. How will this impact the future of Magento?

From what we’ve heard, the most important change will be the better integration of Adobe services in Magento and the bigger focus on the Magento community. Great news!

Does the Romanian market need more Magento related events?

You got that right! Not only that we need more Magento conferences, but we need them to be specific and targeted, in order to bring value to every participant.

Thank you, boys! Until next time. 😉

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