5 of the most wonderful webdesign trends of 2018

Because today is international Web Designer Day, we celebrate this day by appreciating the wonders of the internet. Take a moment to look at all the great websites, created by the bare hands of passionated web designers. Aren’t they fantastic?

To celebrate, even more, we give you a list of the 5 web design trends of 2018 that you just cannot miss. Happy Web Designer Day!

Vibrant and saturated color schemes

This courageous online trend appears more and more. Since devices became more capable of showing rich colors, web designers go crazy combining the most colorful web designs.

Saturated, and even clashing colors, create vibrant websites with a brave image. 

Webdesign Adobe
Colourful webdesign


Minimalistic web design continues to be trendy in 2018. Less is more and comfortable. Thanks to blank space, your message stands out and the user’s focus will be forced to your products. A clean and peaceful design to spoil your visitors.

The webshop of Cloud 9000 sells design products. Because their fantastic products deserve all the attention they can get, the webshop has a simple design. The text stays on the background and the colors are neutral. The pictures are the main focus on the website which makes the UX optimal.

Minimalism webdesign trends

Minimal Studio Shots

Another technique to draw attention to the product is minimal studio shots: the products are photographed on a plain background without any distraction. In that way, the product or a detail of the product is the only focus in the image. The product images of Smappee are elegant and tasteful. They give the webshop a comfortable look and feel.

Custom illustrations

This webdesign trend gives a website a personal and funny look and feel. Custom illustrations are great and playful and perfect for fun brands. Because an image is worth a thousand words, our own website uses homemade illustrations to tell visitors who we are and what we do.Webdesign Trend Illustration baldwin

Big, bold typography

Another brave trend in 2018 is using dramatic fonts. Typography is a powerful tool to create a personality, a look, and feel, and atmosphere. All that while containing a message. 2018 is the year of large letters and custom fonts. Big and bold typography improves UX and keeps the visitors reading.

The webshop of illustrator Eva Mouton used her own handwriting as the main font of her website. The letters give her webshop a personal and awesome look.

Webdesign trend Typography

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