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To make your webshop extra appealing, it is important to use inviting pictures of your products. But where to begin and to what should we pay attention? Find out all about it in our product photography tutorial.

First of all, it is important to identify your target audience, the look and feel and the personality of your products.

Are you mainly targeting teenagers? Then you could use bright colors. However, those colors won’t work if you’re targeting an audience of older people.

It is, in other words, better to first look for the identity of your products before making decisions about photography.


Styles of photography

We are all proud of the products we are selling, so our products deserve to shine on our webshops. But which sort of pictures make them stand out?

Fashion photography is used to tell a story and puts the focus on branding. With the help of beautiful images, fashion pictures tell the unique story behind your products. The pictures can show more than one product at once because they concentrate on the personality and the look and feel of your webshop. That’s why fashion pictures are such an important part of an online shop: they introduce your brand to visitors. Fashion photography is mainly used on the homepage of webshops or on pages that require a sphere, a feeling you want to introduce. Choose pictures that represent the target audience and the values of your brand and webshop.

Product photography concentrates on only one element: the product. Product photography is crucial to a webshop. Without pictures of the things you sell, the client will feel lost. And we all know beautiful and professional pictures are more attractive than boring images. There are several possibilities to present your product. You could, for instance, go for pictures with or without models. Let’s discover the do’s and don’ts of product photography in this blog post.

product photography webshop

Types of product photography

Products can be photographed in different ways:

  1. Flat shoot: the pictures are taken from above. However, this technique could cause wrinkled clothes.
  2. On a dummy: pictures of clothes can also be taken on a dummy which will be erased afterward. The result: the clothes show more volume and the fabric is smooth.
  3. On a model: the model can be photographed in all sorts of ways. They could be shown from head to toe, from head to knees, etc.


Consistency is king in product photography. If you choose to work with models, make sure there is consistency in the use of background color.

Here are some examples:

As you can see, models can use different positions. It gives them more character if they appear dynamic. The color of the background creates coherence and puts your products in the spotlights.

Photoshoot background colour example for webshops

A lot of online shops use a neutral color as a background color.

Light grey is a popular one because it has almost no influence on the color of the clothes worn by the models.

If you are set on working with multiple background colors, make sure the different colors still work as a whole. It is better to use light colors to combine with other light colors (such as pastel on pastel). Or if you use bright colors, combine it with a colorful background (watch out: only use bright colors if your target audience allows it. A younger audience, such as teenagers, is more suitable for those colors).

As you can see, different colors still show a coherent set of pictures. 

Photoshoot background color example for webshops Colorful product view webshop


White backgrounds

It is better to show your products using a light colored background. In that way, you create a sort of well-ordered table in which the distinction between de products is clear.

Grey background photohoot

Drop shadow

Adding a shadow is not done. This outdated technique is as good as extinct, and that’s good news. An added shadow makes your product look cheap and unnatural.

Dropshadow product photoshoot

Unequal proportions

Always work with realistic representations of your products. Make sure the proportions between the pictures of models and the pictures of products are equal. It looks a bit weird if a product looks twice as big as the model next to it. So always verify that the different pictures are in balance. If the proportion of one picture is wrong, the total of pictures gets an unprofessional and sloppy feeling.

This is an example of what you should never do: the dresses are way to big compared to the model.  

We hope you learned something new from our product photography tutorial. We are sure that you feel inspired to create your own product photography so you can upgrade your online visibility and attract new customers.

It doesn’t stop with great photography.

User experience and an easy to navigate website are key for an e-commerce success story.

If you are looking to create your own webshop, Baldwin has an awesome team with the best developers who can help you out with all your digital questions. Don’t hesitate to contact us and get to know our team.

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