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for sole traders and SME’s, for family owned or public companies, for startups and hundred years old firms

Baldwin likes to take it one step further, just as far as you want your e-commerce project to go. Looking for a professional partner to help you develop, restyle and/or manage your webshop? Or do you need some expert advice and additional training to help make your vision a reality?

Tell us what you’re after and we’ll help you make it happen – from A to Z, or even further! Baldwin has sites in Ghent (Belgium) and Cluj-Napoca (Romania), and has all the necessary e-commerce know-how to assist you personally and internationally, regardless of whether you’ve just started or you’re well on your way already.

How do I set up my own webshop

b2c, b2b & c2c


Easy, just ask Baldwin!

Fed up with a job half done? Choose an e-commerce expert who can assist you all the way – before, during and after the launch of your webshop. We design, develop and help you market. Save time and money with Baldwin.

Draw up your e-commerce business plan

Can you make it work? Will your project stand the test of time and convince consumers? Do you have a good gross margin that will allow you to continue to invest in your webshop? Baldwin will gladly help you find an answer to all these questions, and more.

Choose the right hosting provider

Where would you like your webshop to be hosted – on a dedicated server, a cloud server or a shared server? The answer partly depends on the number of visitors you are expecting. Baldwin has what it takes to help you make the right decision.

Choose your online payment provider

How would you like your customers to pay for their online purchases? Which PSP (Payment Service Provider) and acquirer (who ensures the funds are transferred to your account) should you use? Compare the commissions they charge for each transaction and don’t hesitate to ask us for advice when making your final decision.

Choose your logistics partner(s)

How will the ordered products be delivered? Based on the weight/volume of the parcels and the destinations you’d like to cover, you can opt for one or more suppliers. Baldwin will help you find your perfect match.

Draw up legal disclaimers

Are you familiar with the European e-commerce legislation? Check what exactly it entails for your business or go for the quicker and easier option – ask a specialised agency to do this for you. We can tell you whom to contact.

Link your webshop to an ERP

Why complicate your life when there’s an easier way? We can link your webshop to your stock management system, CRM or accountancy software to speed up processing times.
Create an automatic order flow!

Make your products come alive on screen

Make your products stand out with catchy texts, striking images and the right graphics. DIY is not always a good idea – rely on a professional for the best results. Once again, our team can come to the rescue!

Learn the tricks of the trade

Take full control of your webshop. The user-friendly Magento back-end interface allows you to easily manage your webshop yourself. The Baldwin team will train and coach you and give you all handy tips and tricks you need.

Launch and promote your webshop

Not a marketing genius? No worries, we offer custom assistance. Web statistics, online marketing – you name it, we’ll clarify it for you! The result? You’ll get the most out of your webshop – and more!

How do I take my webshop to the next level

5 steps to an awesome webshop


  • Feasibility
  • Budget
  • Research


  • Logo
  • Corporate identity
  • Webshop design


  • New webshop
  • Existing webshop
  • API/Integration
  • Upgrades


  • Adwords
  • Facebook ads
  • SEO
  • Print
  • E-mail marketing


  • Courses
  • Shop management